Rehabilitative Exercises

The use of Portland rehabilitative exercises and its effectiveness is flourishing. Both patients and Portland chiropractor, Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC, appreciate the positive results from rehabilitative exercises in Portland, as well as how they benefit a general chiropractic experience. You may be wondering: What are Portland rehabilitative exercises and how can they help improve your health? Below are explanations of rehabilitative exercises in Portland, so you’re about to find out!

Please note: As always, seek the counsel of your individual doctor before attempting any of the Portland rehabilitative exercises listed. As physical conditions of patients differ, so do the results of each set of rehabilitative exercises in Portland, especially as conditions fluctuate during treatment. Because your body’s limitations and levels of inspiration can vary from day to day, it is important to be cautious with any exercise program, including Portland rehabilitative exercises. The rehabilitative exercises in Portland serve as an overview, not a comprehensive program reflecting the individual needs of each patient utilizing Portland rehabilitative exercises.

The single-leg squat is used to improve balance, coordination, and weight transfer to help a patient with movement deviations. A single-leg squat slows down the movement in the hip and leg, allowing the glutes to extend and return the body to its original, standing position. To allow muscle memory to develop correctly, it is important not to rush rehabilitative exercises in Portland. That way, your body learns the proper transference of weight. To isolate the gluteals during this exercise, use a foam roller.

Today’s modern world causes us to spend the majority of our time in seated positions, resulting in less hip usage than nature intended. And the result of all this sitting? Posterior hip and gluteal musculature become imbalanced; some muscles remain overworked, and others disappear through atrophy. Self-myofascial massage is another one of the useful Portland rehabilitative exercises. It’s used for the correction of hip muscles that become unused due to extended sitting. A foam roller can be used on the glutes to rejuvenate them and keep them active.

Both of these exercises, the single-leg squat and the self-myofascial massage, are just two of the many rehabilitative exercises in Portland that we use to improve your health. Remember, you can always improve your chiropractic health, and we’d love to assist you. Make an appointment with the professionals at Hands On Chiropractic to gain an understanding of the full scope of the Portland rehabilitative exercises.