Nutrition Counseling

The American Chiropractic Council on Nutrition (ACA Council on Nutrition) — as well as Portland chiropractor Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC — find that the inclusion of a nutritional counseling regimen significantly increases the benefits of one’s chiropractic program. Our goal of nutritional counseling in Portland is to help you quicken your recovery and improve your health with even greater efficiency and success.

As your Portland nutritional counseling advisors, we recognize the need for healthy diets that are simultaneously delicious. We provide unique counseling to create nutritious, yet enjoyable, meal ideas for you. A total regimen for chiropractic care usually incorporates nutritional counseling and prescribed exercises. As your experts on nutritional counseling in Portland, we help oversee your nutritional intake to guarantee that your body is able to undergo this period of recovery.

We would be delighted to serve as your advisors in nutritional counseling in Portland, and we hope to share our top-notch chiropractic care with you. For better or for worse, the everyday choices you make on your nutrition will add up. Therefore, the more you can put our tips from Portland nutritional counseling into practice on a daily basis, the more profound the effects of your chiropractic regimen will be. Dr. Hacmac, your Portland nutritional counseling expert, can assist you up to certain limits. In daily practice, it is still up to you to implement knowledge and tips for self-care. If you ever find yourself needing additional information, we are always available for support.

By maintaining contact with our expert staff, you will stay current on the latest health trends and remain on target with your projected nutritional goals. We offer our continuous service, encouragement, and Portland nutritional counseling information. During your appointments, make sure you get the answers you need regarding nutritional concerns. Even when your treatment is over, we still want to hear about how you’re doing. Don’t hesitate to contact our advisors in Portland nutritional counseling via phone, email, or in person. We always enjoy hearing about how well our former patients are doing, and we hope that our chiropractic care can also create lasting, positive influences on your health and life.

Looking for advice on nutrition? Drop by our office for a meeting with our nutritional counselor.