Cox Flexion Distraction

At Hands On Chiropractic, you can find relief for pain in your back, neck and legs through the Cox Flexion Distraction in Portland, under the care of Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC. When administered by our expert Portland chiropractic professionals, this procedure grants the patient an extended range of motion through the joints and muscles, as well as the ability to improve posture.

A non-surgical method, the Portland Cox Flexion Distraction involves the correct alignment of the spine in order to alleviate pain. In this form of therapy, the doctor will guide you in slow, repetitive movements that seek to expand the discs in your low back. Your nerves, the ultimate target in this procedure, are allowed respite to function properly, when your discs are relieved of pressure and inflammation is thereby reduced.

Dr. Hacmac utilizes a specially designed table to carry out the key components of Cox Flexion Distraction in Portland. The table assists in separating the spine’s joints into three distinct areas: the thoracic section, the cervical section, and the lumbar section. Treatment with the Portland Cox Flexion Distraction technique loosens up the spaces between the discs in each of the three areas in order to create more space among the spine’s vertebral discs.

Your discs are the only method your spine has to absorb shock in your body, and so when you jump, run and even walk, all of this space and lubrication becomes essential to vertebral health. Fewer moments of unmitigated impact means less damage and less pain in your body, which is the end goal of Cox Flexion Distraction in Portland.

Many patients feel an instant relief of pain after Portland Cox Flexion Distraction treatment, but for others it may be almost a month before they feel the effects of the adjustments. The likelihood of positive results and a reduction in pain increases with ongoing weekly visits for chiropractic treatment with Dr. Hacmac over a one year period. MS, headaches, cerebral palsy, poor circulation, neurological disease, back pain, and subluxation of the spine have all been treated with Portland Cox Flexion Distraction treatment with excellent results.

Please consider Cox Flexion Distraction in Portland as an alternative unnecessary back surgery. As always, feel free to contact us directly at Hands On Chiropractic. We’ll happily discuss, with you, the details pertaining to this, or any other, chiropractic treatment.