Chiropractor Treatment Asthma

16 Mar

Asthma is a respiratory condition that is classified as a reversible obstructive respiratory disorder. It can also be called hyperactive airways. Asthma can become status asthmaticus, a life-threatening condition, if it is not managed properly. Asthma is characterized by spastic contraction of the smooth muscle in the bronchioles, which causes extremely difficult breathing. This usually […]

Hip Area Pain

06 Mar

Hips are stable and will not dislocate without blunt force. Damage to the hip is more common than any other bone or joint. Senior patients in OR have a higher risk of hip damage due to degeneration or fracturing. The causes of hip pain are probably more age related than any other joint (i.e. congenital […]

Portland Vertigo Dizziness Care

26 Feb

An illusion of the body moving or your surroundings moving is called vertigo. Vertigo creates unidirectional (one-way) motion and rotational motion. The perception of this motion comes with a minor difference, according to Dr Edward Hacmac DC. Objective vertigo is when the patient feels the environment is moving around them, whereas, subjective vertigo is when […]

Who is more safe?

21 Feb

PROFESSION      &     MALPRACTICE INSURANCE PREMIUM COSTS Neurosurgeon                                       $6000/ week OB-GYN                                                  $2200/ week General Surgeon                                   $1500/ week Family MD                                               $650/ week Chiropractor                                             $20/ week Choose your healthcare needs wisely.  Some treatment methods have such a low rate of success & such a high rate of failure, their malpractice insurance is outrageous.  A healthcare providers malpractice insurance is to protect the healthcare provider from the liability imposed […]

Shin Splints Therapy Portland

22 Jan

When a patient visiting Hands on Chiropractic has shin splints, there are no obvious symptoms; they simply feel pain in the front or back of the lower leg. Shin splints are themselves vague by description. The causative diseases of shin splints include periostitis, tendonitis, muscle strain and interosseous membrane strain. The two known types of […]

Arm Pain Chiropractor Therapy

15 Jan

Portland tennis elbow also known as Lateral Epicondylitis is the #1 ailment of the upper body. But tennis elbow is not the sole property of tennis players. When immense strain is placed on the muscles of the forearm (wrist extensor group), it can cause tennis elbow. Hence, this ailment is often seen in tennis players, […]

Joint Pain Chiropractor Treatment

29 Dec

Osteoartrhitis is a chronic inflammatory disease arising from a gradual loss of cartilage in the joints. Portland Osteoarthritis is not an acute inflammatory condition but a chronic one. Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the knee, hip and joints of the hand. In the older population, or those 55 years old and above, an estimated 50% have […]

Portland Rheumatoid Arthritis Care

20 Dec

The condition known as rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease. Its cause is still unknown. It is a common misconception that rheumatoid arthritis only affects joints, states Dr Edward Hacmac DC. With rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue is affected all over the body (muscles, tendons, nerves and connective tissue in organs). The typical history for […]

Leg Pa

14 Dec

OR leg pain can be quite severe or benign, and is usually derived from lower leg disorders. In order to narrow down the list of leg disorders, those with a history of trauma or overuse of the legs can reveal the cause. Thrombosis, which usually occurs in older patients, and can usually be indicated by […]