Dr Edward Hacmac DC

Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC, is the primary Portland chiropractic at Hands On Chiropractic. He and his wife, Lorelei, are the owners of Hands On Chiropractic and believe they are doing their true life’s work, delivering healthcare, wellness care, and lifestyle enhancement services to the Portland community. They truly believe in the power of the chiropractic adjustment, the therapeutic touch of massage, and the love and caring they share with all their practice members.

Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC, grew up on his family’s farm in southern Minnesota and graduated in 1976 from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. He moved to Portland in 1977 to attend professional school. He graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in 1981 and has been practicing in the Clackamas County and Portland area for over 26 years.

From early childhood to the present, Dr. Edward Hacmac, DC, has been a dedicated chiropractic patient. His earliest recollection in life is getting adjusted by Dr. Ortman, the family chiropractor. He chose to be a chiropractor primarily because he grew up in a family that utilized the local chiropractor as their primary physician. He has experienced the incredible power of a well-delivered and intentional chiropractic adjustment and lives to share this experience with the people of Portland through Hands On Chiropractic.